13 Ways I Do Not Care About Being a Crunchy Mom

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I am just not a Crunchy mom and if you’re not familiar with the term I’ll explain it. I had no idea what it was until I started blogging. A Crunchy mom is one that practices “natural living.” Here’s a list of things a Crunchy Mom will likely do…

  • They cloth diaper
  • They go for natural remedies
  • Amber Necklaces
  • Breastfeeding
  • Breastmilk to cure things
  • Natural birth at home
  • Making everything
  • Co-Sleeping
  • Essential Oils
  • Baby Wearing
  • Organic
  • No Vaccinations
  • No Plastic
  • Homeschool
  • No Spanking
  • No Television or Screen time
  • Consent for things like circumcision.
  • Home Birth

I won’t touch on each of these but I will start with there are a couple things I do, a bit. Let me just explain. I don’t have time to worry about all of this. There are more concerning matters in life. And I just wanted to touch base on some of these things and how I don’t care to do it the crunchy way.


I breastfed, but I only breastfed both of my kids for about four months. The decision to transition them was easy. They did not fight formula, they did not fight the bottle, and I was just utterly exhausted. It may be a slightly selfish reason but I just could not do it any longer. I have a lot of respect for moms that breastfeed through the first year.

I did co-sleep.

When my babies were both really little, new born, they hated the crib, they hated the swaddles, and they just wanted to sleep on mommy’s chest. So I let them. This was again just for the first couple months however. They moved on to the crib and their own bed shortly after.

Cloth Diaper

Ya, NO. I actually considered cloth diapering before my oldest was born. I even bought quite a few cloth diapers and never used them. The work it takes in cleaning, doing laundry, washing, washing, and washing shit. I had a  come-to-earth moment right away and realized I was being unrealistic. It just was not going to happen. Disposable diapers all the way baby for me.

Natural Remedies

I have dabbled in finding some natural remedies. We used Gripe Water a lot for my son when he was a few months old. I did use coconut oil a lot on their skin and rashes. I have looked into essential oils before helping my daughter calm before bed (but they didn’t help). But this does not mean I’m against other remedies as well. I’ll buy normal cold medicine and cough medicine. I’ll buy drugs if the drugs are what will help and have been proven not to harm when used in moderation.


I’m sorry for anyone reading this that’ll be upset by this statement, but not vaccinating your child is a detriment to them and EVERYONE they come in contact with. My children are and will continue to be vaccinated. My children will have the vaccines at the recommended schedule and that’s just the way it is. I do think it’s good for my children to be exposed to illnesses. I do want them to build their immune system but trying to have them do that with deadly viruses like polio is not something I’m okay with. They can spend time with the kid sneezing and get their cold, that’s how they can build their immune system. They’ll still get their vaccines.

Baby Wearing

I did baby wear. I, again, did not for very long. Why? I have BIG kids. I’m 6ft and my husband is 6ft 4. I cannot carry them any longer without killing my back. Also, baby wearing is hot. Having the body heat and wrap around myself and my child is HOT. I did baby wear my daughter for a bit longer then my son because she was born in the winter. It was cold out. It was not too hot to baby wear. My son was born at the end of May. I really don’t remember wearing him much at all.


I do believe Organic is better but I don’t focus on it. Why? It’s expensive. I don’t have the money to. I try to make sure my kids eat natural foods as much as possible, but it can be hard while on a budget. Buying organic is not on the top of my priority list.


I do not bring reusable bags to the grocery store, I don’t really have any, I try not to take a bag when I really don’t need it. But sometimes I do and I buy so many groceries at once I just don’t have the money either to buy that many reusable bags. I do always take the pile I end up with at home and take them back to the store to be recycled. Does that count?


I know homeschooling is the best choice for some. I have many things I don’t agree with when it comes to homeschooling, so I will not be homeschooling my children.We may for preschool, again due to money, but not because I think it’s best. If I could I would put both in preschool.

No Spanking

I was spanked as a child and I don’t think I was irreparably hurt. I do think spanking is an option in certain cases and it always depends on the child. Some children will be traumatized and you have to know your child. Some children do not listen to other discipline tactics and sometimes your child does something life threatening. Like running into the street.

Screen Time

My children get screen time. I am amazed at the judgment I get for this. My daughter and son love watching movies. They love Boss Baby right now. My daughter loves playing with the iPad. She loves youtube kid videos and you know what? She learns from them. So yes my kids watch movies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My daughter is allowed to play on the iPad for a limited time everyday and I’ve seen so much growth in letting her do so.


Yes my son was circumcised. The day after he was born at the hospital. I don’t really want to give an explanation for this it was my husband and my choice.

Hospital Birth

I don’t really even think home birth is an option. I feel much safer the closer I am to doctors.

Silky Mom

So do you know what kind of mom I probably fit into better? Yes there’s a name for it. I’m more the silky mom. I bottle fed most the time, I use disposable diapers, I trust medical professionals (especially our doctor, I love her) and I don’t pay a ton of attention to labels. I buy products out of convenience.

What kind of mom are you?


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15 thoughts on “13 Ways I Do Not Care About Being a Crunchy Mom

  1. Hi there

    Thank you for your article. This was so encouraging for me and I can relate to you so much. Crunchy mom’s are quite big where I’m from and these mom’s make you feel quite insecure and in a way like you’re doing a bad job as a mother. I’m so happy I came across this blog. Thank you for your encouragement fellow silky mom ?

    Keep well

    Kind regards

  2. i cloth diapered, EBF, didn’t circumcise, and coslept. But I also bought regular baby food, put my son in public school, bought affordable food (not overpriced “organic”) and give in to screen time. I’m scrunchy lol

  3. It’s interesting to read these – I think a lot of us are maybe somewhere in-between? (as it seems you are, overall). The title “silky” is new to me, far as this goes. I’ve always thought of myself as a semi-crunchy mama – my kids ALWAYS vaccinate on schedule for the reasons you cite (plus my late father, a primary care doc, would roll over in his grave otherwise), and hospital birth all the way, even if i had NOT had 2 very-high-risk pregnancies (which I did). But we did cloth diapering (though honestly b/c it was loads cheaper and we had a service to launder/deliver them), I breastfed (in part for the lower cost, even though it was super hard with the first one, I will admit), we were (and are still) really strict on screentime but bc we’re educators and think it’s detrimental, we don’t insist on organic but prefer to grow our own food or eat from local organic farmers when we can. And NO WAY would we willingly homeschool. Our kids in particular need the socialization of their peers and similar life lessons from school, and have unique learning needs that we cannot adequately address at home. One is in public school, the other we only switched from public to Montessori this year because they are better able to handle her unique learning needs than our public school was.

  4. Yes! Thank you for sharing your voice, we all parent the way in which it’s best for our children. It may be different, but shouldn’t include judgement.

  5. I am not one either!!! the only thing i really did on this list was breastfeeding both my kids upto 12 months.. as for some of the others, i am just halfway there 🙂

  6. The term crunchy is so funny to me. Silky is too! I would say I’m Silky with some slight crunchy tendencies.

  7. I am definitely not a crunchy mom, either. There are a few things on this list that I do… But yeah, no a lot is just a no-go for me. Especially the vaccines, like, there is so much good that comes from vaccines. So many things these vaccines eradicated, that are now coming back because people refuse to vaccinate their kids… That’s just a hard one for me to swallow, even still after talking with some who chose not to vaccinate. My daughter is vaccinated and will continue to get her vaccinations at the recommended schedule. Same for any children we may have in the future.

  8. I also vaccinate. Its so important and honestly dangerous for them not to be. There is some movement to where they will become mandatory to have for children attending public schools, which i hope will happen. Great post.

  9. I wish there was a you-me-same gif I could insert here. I know a crunchy mom. And I’m not her at all. Like you said I have too many other things to worry about. I love your honesty. And I appreciate it so much because mama communities will almost have you ashamed if you aren’t crunchy.

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