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26 St Patrick’s Day Activities, Crafts, and More

St Patrick’s Day is a great, fun holiday, to share with the kids. Here are  St Patrick’s Day activities to brighten your holiday.


Kid Craft: St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallow Stamps

This is a great craft for kids of all ages. Even little ones can do it. Marshmallow stamps to make little clovers. What a great fun and simple craft. Check out Hampton’s Roads Moms for more fun posts.

Learning About Rainbows with Roy G Biv the Leprechaun!

I love activities that center around a book. Check out these St Patrick’s Day activities from Babies to Bookworms. 

A Leprechaun Trap

This is another great activity based off of or inspired by a book, The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School, from Cuddles and Chaos.

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Kids

Here’s some shamrock fun from Sweet Frugal Life. This is a great activity and craft to help build your little ones fine motor skills as well.

St Patrick’s Day Pom-Pom Rainbow Craft

This one is fun all around from playing with pom-poms to making a rainbow. I love this craft idea from Tickled Scarlett. 

Puffy Paint Leprechaun

I love playing with puff paint. I’m sure my kids will love it too. This is a great little craft from Love My Big Happy Family.

St Patrick’s Day Educational Craft Activities for Kids

I love these craft activities from Sprouting Minds. What a great way to work on fine motor skills as well as colors, shapes, and numbers.


Luck of the Science: Easy and Fun St Patrick’s Day Stem

I’m a huge fan of STEM activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Especially considering my children will very likely be homeschooled for preschool. I love this post from Team Cartwright.

Pot O’Gold Hunt Printable

What a great way to get your kids out, moving around, thinking, and having fun then a scavenger hunt. I love this Pot O’Gold Hunt Printable from Pleat and Pom.

 Make Your Own Pot of Gold

This post is great because it can really be two things. It can be an activity with the kids and it can just be a gift idea for others. Pleat and Pom thank you for such a great idea.


Simple St. Patrick’s Day Activity That Toddlers Will Love

Shamrocks are a staple of St. Patrick’s Day this simple activity is wonderful and involves shamrocks, glue, glitter, and more, from For the Love of Mom.

Leprechaun Sand

I love this. Another great science activity to do with your kids with free worksheet from Live Well Play Together. 


St. Patrick’s Day Books to Share

What can be a better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids then reading books. Reading to kids is so fundamentally important in their development and finding new, different, fun books to read is always a plus. Here’s 9 St Patrick’s Day Books to Share from Babies to Bookworms.


Books for Kids

Another great list of St Patrick’s Day books to share with your kids from Love My Big Happy Family.

10 St Patrick’s Day Picture Books for Your Kids

My own post of my favorite St Patrick’s Day Picture Books.


Leprechaun Shepherd’s Pie

This Leprechaun Shepherd’s Pie looks absolutely delicious and The Peachee Pear has so many other wonderful recipes.

Luck of the Irish Krispie Treats

I’ve always loved rice krispie treats and I’ve always kind of had this idea of the day when I have kids to be able to share making rice krispie treats with them. I love the idea of these St Patrick’s Day rice krispie treats from Everyday Made Fresh. What a great way to put a twist on such a classic treat.


Rainbow Sherbert St. Patrick’s Day Punch

I’ve always loved Sherbert punch. This is a must if I ever do a St Patrick’s Day party from My No-Guilt Life.

Mint Mocha Cupcakes

I may be buying ingredients to make these Mint Mocha Cupcakes this week. They look absolutely delicious from Little Mama Jama. 


Guinness Glazed Corned Beef

Here’s a great recipe for mom and dad on St. Patrick’s Day from Califf Creations. It looks absolutely delicious.

Shamrock CrispyTreats for St Patrick’s Day

Here’s another great St Patrick’s Day spin on the classic rice krispie treat. Shamrock shaped from Live Well Play Together.


Last Minute Scratch Mickey Mouse Shamrock Pancakes

I love pancakes these look great. Mickey Mouse, green, utilizing the marshmallows from Lucky Charms too. Can’t get much better then that. What a great idea from Paper Angels.

St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Kid’s Ice Cream Float

This one makes me drool. I love Ice Cream floats and man making one into a St Patrick’s Day fun treat is amazing. Take a look at this great float from Crystal Carder.

Special Treats

Making Some St. Patrick’s Day Fun for Your Kids

Making special treats for the kids on a holiday is just fun for everyone. Fun for mom and dad in putting it together and fun for the kids to have a surprise. These rainbow skittle jars are amazing from All Mom Does. 


St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bucket

This is a great idea that can be used as a gift or craft from Tales of a Ranting Ginger. 


Wearing Green

How to Wear Green this Saint Patrick’s Day

No simpler way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day then simply making sure you’re in the signature color. I love this post with lots of clothing options for the holiday from Ali-Ish.


















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