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31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice: Interrogative Self Talk

Many know about building up our positive self talk by saying positive affirmations. It seems odd to talk to ourselves but often we do need to inflate our own positivity. We often are told to do this through declarative statements like positive affirmations. While positive affirmations are definitely great for bolstering self esteem and self love, interrogative self talk has been shown to provide better motivation and higher performance rather then using declarative statements like affirmations.

What is Interrogative Self Talk?

Interrogative self talk is questioning rather then just making statements. This has been proven to engage the problem solving part of our brain. Instead of simply pumping yourself up with statements like “I can do it!” you’re questioning “Can I do it?” When questioning we have to come up with answers on how. How can I do it? What do I need? What resources can I use? What do I already have that will help me?

How do I Practice Interrogative Self Talk?

Questions to Ask Yourself?

Questions you ask yourself will depend on who you are and what you do. Instead of saying “I will throw a wonderful birthday party” ask yourself “How can I throw a wonderful birthday party?” When you do this you elicit a response answering the question. You can make sure your organized and timely. You can make sure you plan and buy things early. You can make sure you invite those you’ll really have fun with, etc.

This is wonderful for salesman and woman. It’s great for bolstering productivity, self esteem, and motivation. More so then simply stating affirmations.

I found this great video by Ryan Doris, a professional body builder on Self Talk, Declarative vs Interrogative Self Talk.



Go out and try interrogative self talk!


31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice

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