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6 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Kids

As I was growing up my father did not only buy Valentine’s Day presents for my mother. He bought gifts for every one of the kids. This for him was a feat, I am the second to youngest of six kids. Generally, he just bought small chocolate hearts for each of us. My parents now have fifteen grandkids and even though the feat of getting everyone a gift has gotten pretty lofty they still try to do something. Last year they bought my daughter a small dog stuffed animal and my husband and I two Valentine’s Day mugs with candy and stuffed animals.

I’ve always loved this because as a kid I feel Valentine’s Day can be a bit daunting, or at least it was for me. I, of course, would completely understand if my parents decided that the task of getting everyone in the family gifts was getting to be a bit much but now that I’m an adult with kids of my own I hope to share that love and joy with them. That being said, I do wish to find a variety of gift ideas for my kids. I hope to find gifts for them that do not always consist of candy. Here are a few that I found… *Affiliate Links*

Books about Love…

This book, Love Monster, is one of my favorites. My cousin, his wife and kids gifted to this as they visited me in the hospital after having my son. It is a great story. I love reading it to my kids.

Heart Anything…

Really anything with hearts on it is an amazing gift. I love these heart pencils. I loved having special pencils like these as a kid.

Heart Box Craft…

I’ve always been crafty. I love painting, drawing and creating things. I definitely hope to instill a love for those kinds of things in my child. This heart craft box is a great gift I’ll definitely be getting her as she gets older.

Stuffed Animals…

You can never go wrong with stuffed animals, but if you’re like me, buy small stuffed animals. I love small stuffed animals like beanie babies for my kids rather then huge bears, bunnies, and the like. I’d rather have a pile of small stuffed animals then a pile of huge stuffed animals. I love this little Valentine’s Day frog.

Valentine’s Day Lego Set…

You can never go wrong with lego sets, for boys or girls. Legos are great toys to teach building, engineering and foster imagination. I love this set.

Valentine’s Day Clothes…

One thing I love about clothes for kids? You really are not tied to a time of year for specific clothes. It doesn’t matter if the shirt is a ‘Valentine’s Day shirt’ or an ‘Christmas Shirt’ or ‘Easter shirt’ wear it wherever and whenever. If it fits, it’s a great shirt. That’s why buying Valentine’s Day clothes for boys and girls is a wonderful gift. Buy a size big, give them room to grow and wear for awhile.   What other Valentine’s Day gift ideas do you have for kids? What have you bought your kids? What do they love about Valentine’s Day?


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