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Graco Baby Swing Product Review

The one product I found to be an absolute necessity with my second child was a Graco Baby Swing.

Graco Baby Swing

For my daughter, considering she was my first, we didn’t really have a swing or bassinet to put her in. I rarely put her down and when I did she was just laying on the floor on a blanket. When it came to my son I worried about doing that, mostly because there’s only 17 months between the two. I didn’t want my daughter to accidentally hurt my son.

So we bought this swing, Graco Slim Spaces compact Baby Swing. We loved it. In my opinion there’s no need for expensive when it comes to a baby swing.


This swing is very compact, it does not take up a lot of space. It is easily foldable with buttons at the top and a foldable seat. Easy to store or lug around with you. For the months we were using this with my son, I’d put it in the car every day I worked and took the kids with me.

Easy Cleanup

The fabric for the seat is easy to remove and wash.

There are several things I look for in a product for my kids, they are safe, they are affordable, and they do their purpose. The purpose for this swing was to be able to put down my son in a safe seat, off the floor, and have him relax and be happy while I was taking care of my daughter. This definitely fulfilled that purpose. Affordable is the top hit for me, as I said before I do not see any need for an expensive swing, especially when only used for a short amount of time.

My husband and I are both tall people, so our kids grow quick and are always in the 90th percentiles. So he used it for around 5 months MAYBE…. but it was a life saver in those months.

We have stored away this swing for now since my son has grown too big for it but I definitely plan to pull it out for baby number three.





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