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31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice: Journaling

When we are absolutely overwhelmed with emotions a great way to get them out is to journal. Write about everything, every automatic thought, every negative thought, every angry thought. Many studies have shown how journaling can improve health and happiness.

How to Get Started

No exact products are needed for you to be able to journal. All you truly need is paper and a writing utensil.

  1. Write about your concerns.
  2. Write your thoughts as they come to you
  3. Do not critique what you write
  4. Do not edit as you write just write
  5. It does not have to be perfect
  6. It just should be freeform

After you’re done writing, reread what you’ve put down. Analyze after your thoughts. Question their validity and rationality. Question the truth to your anxieties and fears.

  • Journaling can be calming by helping you clear your mind.
  • Releases everyday stress
  • Let go of negative thoughts
  • Explore situations and how you felt
  • Enhance your ability to be self-aware
  • Track progress at things you’re trying to change and overcome
  • Uplift mood by gratitude

Question Everything

After you write down your thoughts it’s important to question them. Some are great to validate and understand they are real. It’s important not to internalize everything and this is why writing them down is great. However, like many anxieties are thoughts are not entirely rational. Although they always feel so very real. It can be hard to put them aside there is definitely no on and off switch but when we start to understand and recognize our thoughts when they are irrational we come closer to overcoming them.


31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice

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