31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice: Seeking Help

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Most all of us will go through a difficult time, low self esteem, grief, or depression in our lives. Many of us will need help to get out of it. There should never be shame or guilt in seeking help when you need it. When you find yourself constantly in a negative place, negative self talk, self criticism, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, how do you ask for help? It can be hard to be vulnerable to others. It may be hard to trust those around you. But when you need help it is important to speak up.

How to Seek Help

Speak Up for Yourself

It is vital to your mental health to speak up when you’re in need. Do not push aside your own wants and needs for others all the time. Speak up to your family, friends, and loved ones. Put yourself first when you need to and do not feel guilt in doing so.

Forget Embarrassment

It can be hard to talk about our mental health. There has been a growing openness around world when it comes to talking about mental health concerns and it’s an amazing shift. Be open with your suffering. Do not feel embarrassed to do so. Others do not know you may need help if you’re not open about what you’re feeling and why.

Leave Bad Relationships

Surround yourself by respectful, loving, and supportive people. End relationships with people that are not those things.

Enlist the Help of Family and Friends

Everyone closest to you is a support system to help you through any situation. Talk to those around you that love you. Ask them for help.

Widen Your Social Circle

By making new friends and widening your social circle you’re building a greater support system. Having more friends that support you when you need it helps you to not feel alone.

Talk to Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor. Tell them about any negative feelings you’ve been having. Get a referral to a psychiatrist or counselor if necessary and do not be afraid to take medication if necessary. Help, even pharmacological help, is not to be ashamed of.

Be Open About Your Suffering

Share about your suffering to those around you. You do not know who you may help by being open. Many others are also suffering and may be doing so in silence. You are not alone and they may need to know that too.

Do not expect your mood to improve drastically. It will do so gradually. Recovery takes time. It’s important, however, to remember you are not weak when you look for help, quite the opposite, you are strong for fighting and getting whatever help you need to beat it.


31 Days to a Positive Inner Voice

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