18 Fun Fall Date Ideas

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Fall is the perfect time of year to get outside, enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air, and go on a fun, intimate date.

Here are some amazing intimate fall date ideas:

Corn Maze

Weekend Getaway (Nearby Camping or to a Nearby Town or City)

Wine Tasting

Football Game

Apple Picking

Take a Cooking Class

Go on a Hike

Visit a Haunted House

Make Homemade Candy Apples Together

Walk through Pumpkin Patch

Carve and Decorate Pumpkins

Take a Drive

Go Horseback Riding

Take a Guided Ghost Tour

Shop Local Farmer’s Market

Take a Pottery Class

Visit a Brewery

Watch a Scary Movie




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16 thoughts on “18 Fun Fall Date Ideas

  1. These are all fun ideas! I like your list because as a parent, I am used to taking my kids to do these things, but I usually am a bystander (like for carving a pumpkin or apple picking). I’ll have to remember these!

  2. such fun ideas.. and i do like the idea of taking a guided ghost tour – just need to find one… hikes and drives are our norm so something new is what we need now

  3. What a fun list of ideas! I am so used to doing fun things with the kids, I hadn’t thought much about making some dates out of these fall bucket list ideas.

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