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70 Activities to do this Spring

The weather is warming up and it’s Spring. With the start of Spring, we have been doing whatever we can to get the kids outside and having fun. With the cold of Winter, the kids get a bit of cabin fever. Then as it gets too hot in summer it’s the same, so we have to use our time in the perfect warmth of Spring wisely.

I decided to come up with a bucket list for Spring.

Which of these do you usually do? What is something new you want to do this Spring?

  1. Plant something
  2. See the trees blooming
  3. Have a picnic at the park
  4. Jog outside
  5. Take a hike
  6. Play softball
  7. Ride a bike
  8. Sit outside at a café
  9. Visit a farm to see the animals
  10. Walk on a beach
  11. Play golf
  12. Go horseback riding
  13. Fly a kite
  14. Look for four-leaf clovers
  15. Jump in pueddles
  16. Get dirt under your fingernails
  17. Blow bubbles
  18. Climb a tree
  19. Feed the ducks
  20. Draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk
  21. Skip stones across a pond
  22. Plan a vacation
  23. Visit the farmers’ market
  24. Pick strawberries
  25. Listen to the rain
  26. Watch a lightning storm
  27. Spot a rainbow
  28. Listen to the birds singing
  29. Feel the sun on your face
  30. Leave your windows open
  31. Pet a bunny
  32. Visit the zoo
  33. Decorate your home with fresh tulips and daffodils
  34. Get a group of people together to make a May Pole
  35. Clean out your garage
  36. Pick wildflowers
  37. Create a nature themed scavenger hunt
  38. Build (or decorate) a bird house
  39. Twirl in a field
  40. Watch the sunrise
  41. Check out yard and estate sales
  42. Sketch some nature
  43. Go kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boating
  44. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  45. Play hopscotch
  46. Do something drastic to your hair
  47. Have a garden tea party
  48. Find shapes in the clouds
  49. Do yoga outside
  50. Tie-dye something you can wear
  51. Pick up litter on the street
  52. Make a wish on a dandelion
  53. Get a floppy hat
  54. Play frisbee
  55. Play with ribbon wands
  56. Make a Spring-themed playlist
  57. Start recycling
  58. Search for murals in your city
  59. Build a fairy house
  60. Play leap frog
  61. Photograph flowers
  62. Get a new haircut
  63. Wash your car
  64. Hang up a windchime
  65. Play mini golf
  66. Make your own tutu
  67. Dry some flowers
  68. Visit an art museum
  69. Try out some new smoothie recipes
  70. Make a sun catcher


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