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Encourage Imagination: 9 Fun Ideas for the Tooth Fairy

As your kids grow it’s fun to play into their imagination. One wonderfully fun way to do so is to do something fun for tooth fairy visits. Children generally start losing their baby teeth between 5 and 6 years old. What you do for the tooth fairy, how much the tooth fairy gives, and so much more is a great choice for your family. But if you were looking into being a little more creative here are a few ideas.

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Fairy Door

tooth fairy

How exactly is the tooth fairy going to get in the house? Make your Childs imagination run a little more wild with installing your own fairy door. Dress up the entrance and it’ll be perfect for a late night visit.

This door from Amazon is my favorite and it comes with a tiny little mail box too. Have your child write a letter to the tooth fairy and write a response. Find it Here.

Tiny Tooth Fairy Letter

Speaking of a letter to the tooth fairy. There are all kinds of letter kits you can buy. So creative and unique. I love them. This is my favorite. It comes with personalized notes and little shimmer envelopes. Perfect to put in the Fairy Mail box above.

tooth fairy

Tooth Fairy Plushie or Pillow

When I was a kid I remember having a little tooth pillow. I believe I made it in school at some point. Now there are all kinds of ideas for little tooth plushies and places for your child to safely put their tooth to await the tooth fairy. I loved these two. I plan to make one myself for my kids as they get older. Find Them Here.

tooth fairytooth fairy

Tooth Fairy Books

Of course as the night leads up to bedtime before the tooth fairy visit it’s just right to sit down and read a wonderfully imaginative story to your child. I love these tooth fairy books.

tooth fairy
Find Here
tooth fairy
Find Here
tooth fairy
Find Here
tooth fairy
Find Here


Glittered Money (Fairy Dust)

Of course their are so many DIY ideas and my absolutely favorite is making glitter money. Buy some glitter spray and just spray it on the bills. Make it even more interesting with a hand print. Use a small doll to place their hand on the cash and spray the glitter, leaving a small hand print of no glitter, or do extra glitter over the hand print.

Foreign Money

Like Santa, tooth fairies have a lot of people they have to visit every night, many not in the same country. Get some foreign money to have the tooth fairy give your child. Then use the morning as a wonderful time to sit and talk about the country, their money, kids in that country and how they have the tooth fairy visit as well. Perhaps even look up customs for tooth fairies in that country.

Teach a Lessons

There’s bound to be a day when you’re child isn’t the little angel we see while they’re sleeping. The tooth fairy can teach lessons like mom and Dad. Rooms dirty? Tooth fairy has to leave a note they were unable to leave money because the room was way too dirty. They have to clean it before they’ll get their tooth fairy money.

Glitter Steps

Just like the glitter money, have a windowsill where the tooth fairy entered, or perhaps at the fairy door. Sprinkle glitter around a small dolls feet (such as a barbie) to leave small little fairy footprints.

Photo Proof

Now it’s really easy to get proficient enough on Photoshop to add a fairy to a picture of a sleeping child. Take photo evidence of the fairies visit. A photo of a sleeping child then add a fairy. Show them first thing in the morning.

Don’t forget about you mom and dad!

Save your child’s baby teeth in a keepsake box. This helps you also keep organized with whose are whose when you have multiple children.

This box is my favorite. I kind of wish they had them like this when I was little. Find it Here. 

tooth fairy



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