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Self Care During Cold Winter Months

During the Winter and around the holidays it is easy to let stress and weather bring us down. The lack of sunlight alone in the cold, cloudy, and snowy months can cause emotional and physical slumps. Then there’s the holidays, the excess in food, and lack of exercise during the cold it can be hard to take the time and really take care of yourself. Here are some great ideas to still practice self-care over the Winter….

Try to leave the house every day.

It can be easy to remain in a slump and unmotivated if you’re always home. Try to get out, perhaps for a short walk, a trip to the store, or even just a short drive.  Do what you can to get outside as much as possible when the sun is out.

If you’re working, go outside during breaks, especially if it’s sunny out.

Take breaks from your workday and get outside as well, especially when the sun is out. Short walks in the cold are great to wake you up in the middle of a monotonous day as well as the sun exposure can definitely life your spirits.

Engage in mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness means an awareness of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and environment. When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into the present moment. Helping relieve stress stop worrying about the past and future but just focus on the moment.

Expose yourself to more light.

Using a light therapy box can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. These light boxes emit a lot of light but without UV exposure. Check out some examples you can find here.

Stick to regular eating patterns.

Eating regular meals can be great to creating a routine and sticking to it. With the busy holidays and beginning of Winter it can be easy to forget to eat, skip meals, and cause more stress on your body for doing so.

Limit your alcohol intake.

Alcohol is a depressant. When already down with the dreary weather during the Winter it is better to find healthy alternatives that keep your mood up. This includes getting outside, staying active, and exercising.

Get your flu shot.

Do whatever you can to stay healthy. This means get your flu shot and take a sick day to relax if you do get sick. Do not overdo it and treat yourself to get back to healthy as soon as possible.

Stay connected with your support system.

Keep yourself open. Try to make sure to spend time with people that bring your mood up. Go out with friends, keep in touch with those that listen and use those opportunities to get out of the house as well.

Take a hot bath.

After days out in the cold you can relax and warm up in a hot bath.


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