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6 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

Easter has always been a big holiday in my little world. As it is for so many others. I always remember as a kid doing Easter egg hunts and having dinner with family. I always wanted as I started my own family to set up our own Easter celebration traditions.

There can be many reasons however, that celebrating Easter needs to be small and at home. Here are some great ideas to celebrate Easter as a family inside and at home.

Teach Your Children About the Christian Meaning of Easter (I even teach them the pagan history)

If you’re unable to go to church on Easter it can be important to talk about the meaning and reason for Easter with your kids. You can share the bible verses about the resurrection, sing songs, do crafts, read books and other activities to teach them about Jesus and the resurrection.

Dye Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs is always a fun family activity. You can all sit together, be creative, talk, and truly utilize the chance to have family time.

Hunt for Easter Eggs in the House

You do not have to be outside or have nice weather to have an Easter egg hunt. Find fun and exciting hiding places around the house. Make sure the kids are able to hide away somewhere as you put the eggs all out to keep the Easter Bunny magic alive.

Serve the Classics for Dinner

Cook and have a traditional Easter dinner. Have all the traditional dishes such as ham, cheese scalloped potatoes, cake, deviled eggs, and so many delicious others.

Wear Your Sunday Best

Even if you’re home and inside you can always decide to wear your Sunday best anyway. You do not really have to leave the house to dress up and look your best to celebrate Easter.

Do Easter Crafts with the Kids

Utilize time with the kids by doing different Easter crafts with them. Talk about Easter, the meaning of Easter and how the crafts correspond. Let them be creative.

How do you like to celebrate Easter as a family?



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